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  • Pied Piper Registration

    What you need to know to register your child for this school year
    • Registration Fee

      A $125 registration fee is required for each child registered at the school, and includes a Pied Piper Preschool logo T-shirt. The registration fee is due immediately to hold your child’s place in our classes and is non-refundable.

    • Tuition Cheques

      Tuition cheques for the entire school year are to be submitted prior to your child starting at the school and must be post-dated for the 1st of each month.

    • Commitment Cheques

      Two commitment cheques, dated December 1 and May 1, each for $100, must be submitted prior to your child starting at the school. These cheques will not be cashed if all membership obligations are met.

    • Fundraising Pledge

      As a Co-operative Preschool, fundraising is part of our fee structure. The amount is $200 per child per year, based on enrollment of September – June. The amount is pro-rated based on start date at the school.

    • Fundraising Quota

      Half of the fundraising quota ($100) is due by December 31 and the other half ($100) by April 30. If your fundraising quota is not met by each of these dates, you will pay the balance or have the amount deducted from your commitment cheques.

    • Not into Fundraising?

      You also have the option to be a non-fundraising member of the school and agree to pay your fundraising quota ($20 per month) in addition to each monthly tuition fee cheque.

    • Duty Days

      A parent/caregiver of each registered child is required to complete duty days, which includes participating regularly as teacher
      assistants in the school program, normally twice per month.

    • Missed Duty Days

      It’s your responsibility (parent/caregiver) to arrange another parent (and reciprocate later) to cover a scheduled duty day if you cannot participate for any reason. If you miss a scheduled duty day and you didn’t find an alternate to cover you, you’ll be charged $45 fee to pay for a replacement duty parent.

    • Police Clearance

      If you plan to complete duty days, and will be interacting with children, you are required by law to complete a POLICE CLEARANCE (vulnerable sector screening search). You may complete it online, but do it soon, as it takes weeks to arrive in the mail.

    • Medical Test & Vaccination

      You must also provide written results of a T.B. Test, and proof of the date of your last TETNUS/DIPHTHERIA shot (maximum 10 years).

    • First Aid and CPR

      All parents should have Standard First Aid and CPR training to participate on their duty days. We offer training for free through Affiliated Services for Children and Youth (ASCY).

    • NEW! Special Funding Offer

      The City of Hamilton is offering all parents $5 per day per child off if their monthly fees in an effort to make child care/preschool more accessible to families during this Co-Vid time.

  • Registration

    Morning classes from $180 a month.
    • 2A Toddlers

      Tuesdays and Thursday mornings

      • 9:00 am - 12:00 pm Care
      • Children are 20-30 months old
      • 1 Snack
      • 2 Educators
      $180 / month
    • 2B Preschool

      Tuesday and Thursday mornings

      • 9:00 am - 12:00 pm Care
      • Children are 31+ months old
      • 1 Snack
      • 2 Educators
      $175 / month
    • 3 Day Preschool

      Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings.

      • 9:00 am - 12:00 pm Care
      • Children are 31+ months old
      • 1 Snack
      • 2 Educators
      $225/ month